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PROJECT: 3 Large Curved PhotoWall wallpapers for refurbishment of Eastleigh Headquarters
PRODUCTS: PhotoGlassWorks Front Lit, PhotoWall Textured Wallpaper, PhotoWindow Window Frosting
IMAGES: Panoramic images from collections
SERVICE: Artworking, Project Management, Manufacturing and Installation

Roger Bannister Design Consultants had a big vision for the refurbishment of solicitors Blake Lapthorn's Headquarters in Eastleigh. They had designed 3 large curved interior walls, each 10m x 2.5m and specified 3 of our panoramic images for these. The images at this size had tremendous impact and were major talking points for staff, clients and visitors. The circular meeting room with V2P5 Winter Oaks is an amazing room and uses a combination of PhotoWall Textured wallpaper with PhotoWindow window frosting, with the image carrying on but reversing out. The other curved walls were equally attention-grabbing - a peaceful beach scene V1P9 creating a relaxed, open meeting space - and P1F1 in the conference room making a forest wall at the back of the room. A front lit abstract PhotoGlassWork 1800 x 1200mm in the main reception created an appropriately high quality welcome for visitors.