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Art Consultancy

Site surveys, image selections, visualisations, product selection, product specification

Bespoke Photography

Combining extensive research of local areas, many years of photographic experience and the best cameras available anywhere, we create the highest quality imagery, even of 'unpromising' locations! When combined with our very high quality production processes, the results are art pieces with emotional depth and longevity that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what their background.

In-house Design

We aren't afraid of a challenge and can design installations for most requirements, even outdoors.

Project Management

PQQ's and tender documents, very complex projects managed over multiple locations, manufacturers, installation crews and timescales.

Production of Artworks

Unique range of art products including ultra-modern PhotoGlassWorks, most of which is produced in-house. We also draw on multiple resources country-wide with significant and flexible capacity.


Multiple, very experienced teams country-wide, all fully insured and CSCS accredited.