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PROJECT: Ongoing since 2008.
PRODUCTS: PhotoGlassWorks, PhotoPanels, PhotoWall Wallpaper, PhotoCanvas
IMAGES: Bespoke photography of Salford. Other Landscape and Nature images from collections.
SERVICE: Locations Research, Photography, Consultancy (Sizes, Locations, Products, Images, Costings), Artworking, Project Management, Manufacturing and Installation.

Salford Royal is one of the leading NHS Hospitals in the country. We have been commissioned to produce and install many artworks across the site as it has been redeveloped since 2008. We have installed artworks in clinical areas, corridors, offices, waiting rooms and reception areas.

It was a challenge to photograph Salford away from the famous and photogenic Salford Quays. Local recognition in artworks has been proven to be one of the types of imagery, along with nature, that heals patients best and we captured a great many positive views of this vibrant city. We now have what must be one of the fullest collections of very high resolution 'art' images of Salford. With good light and an expert eye, our photography shows how beautiful even our more deprived inner city areas can be and one of the keys to this project's success has been to give local people a real sense of pride in their city.

We installed many large pieces including some of our widest panoramas, like the whopping 8m x 0.9m 'hexaptych' Salford Sunset, composed of 6 glass pieces, and full glass wall artworks such as the 5m x 2m view of Media City in the maternity corridor, and the 3.3m x 2.3m view of the River Irwell in the Outpatients Department.

Feedback from patients, staff, and visitors has been consistently strong, with some corridors compared to art galleries - but art galleries that can be appreciated by everyone.

Salford Royal has worked with Richard and Blue Pearl Photographic on the hospital redevelopment programme since 2008. They have produced a wide range of artworks in many different parts of the hospital - live wards, corridors, offices, waiting rooms, conference rooms and reception areas. Richard's photography of Salford has been especially important in making the artwork relevant to the area and to creating a welcoming atmosphere for our patients and staff. Blue Pearl's unique PhotoGlassWorks product has been used extensively for its beauty, durability and suitability for healthcare environments.

We have received very positive feedback from patients, visitors and staff alike: all have appreciated the higher quality environments that the artworks have created.

Lindsay McCluskie
Head of Capital Development
Salford Royal Foundation Trust
Artwork in hospitalsSalford Quays Dusk, PhotoGlassWorks Front Lit Triptych, 4.05m x 0.9mArtwork in hospitalsArtwork in hospitalsArtwork in hospitalsArtwork in hospitalsArtwork in hospitalsArtwork in hospitalsArtwork in hospitals