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PROJECT: 40 Artworks for refurbishment programme
PRODUCTS: Framed prints, PhotoPanels, PhotoGlassWorks back lit, PhotoWall Textured
IMAGES: Bespoke local photography, London, Nature and Kinetic Abstract images from collections
SERVICES: Consultancy (Sizes, Locations, Product Design and specification, Images, Costings), Artworking, Project Management, Manufacturing and Installation.

Dexter Moren Associates commissioned us to help them transform this small hotel in West London. We provided a mix of framed prints, our PhotoPanels, textured PhotoWall wallpaper and a back lit PhotoGlassWork for the centrepiece in the reception. Space restrictions meant every piece was bespoke for the space it occupied. The combination of cool, monochrome London prints in large frames in the bar, with vibrant kinetic abstract PhotoPanels downstairs in the breakfast room provided some exciting contrasts. Colour prints were used in corridors upstairs, including many of our London panoramas.