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Exterior Back Lit PhotoGlassWork, 18m x 3m

The Crown Estate and Keith Tyson Projects approached us to design and manufacture this large piece of public art in the heart of the West End of London, as part of a renovation project of one of the blocks on Regent Street. It is located on New Burlington Place, just off Regent Street, opposite Hamley's.

Because it is an exterior piece, we had to develop some significant new technology to ensure the piece remains weather-sealed and to ensure its longevity.

Keith Tyson's spectacular 'Nature Painting' image of the River Thames with historical maps overlaid is complemented by the intensity of colour rendering of our back-lit glass process. A light sensor and sophisticated electronic dimming allow the backlighting to be dimmed when light levels drop, thus allowing the colour saturation to remain constant.

The two year process required from first enquiries to completion was challenging and required all of our project management and administrative experience. The 5-day installation with a dozen quarter-tonne glass panels to install safely was a good test of our onsite capabilities. Altogether, an amazing project to have successfully completed.