These documents and brochures are available for download and give easier access to our image collections.


Why Have Art in Hospitals (360KB)

Good art in healthcare environments is crucial. This document explains some of the background information and research that has informed our many very successful healthcare art installations.


Artwork Brochures

NEW! Super High Resolution Art Images Brochure (32MB)

90 Pages of our very best images from the last 13 years, all very high resolution, suitable for full-wall wallpaper installations and anywhere high quality photos with impact are required. 


Panoramic Artworks Volume 1 (25MB)

Photographic Artworks Volume 3 (35MB)

Photographic Artworks Volume 2 (14MB)

Photographic Artworks Volume 1 (20MB)

Kinetic Abstracts Volume 1 (17MB)

Licensed Images Volume 1 (27MB)

Colour Collections (17MB)